Our Story

Coast Hills started in 1995 with just a handful of families. The core belief was simple. All people matter to God. With that in mind, the goal was to help create a welcoming environment that set aside religious barriers in order to allow for and open up conversations about an awesome God. We welcomed conversations that could take place between people at various places in their faith: skeptics and believers, wounded and healed, seekers and disciples. 

The hope was to model Jesus's way of interacting with his followers. It was literally a journey. Jesus connected with people from all different backgrounds and walked, talked, and shared life together with them. His life changed them, transformed them, and revealed the Father to them. We believe that Jesus still invites us to journey with him now, to grow and mature in our faith and our identity in Him, and to help encourage one another along the way.

Coast Hills has taken quite a "nomadic journey" itself since its early days, meeting at Linfield College, McMinville High School, and even at a daycare center. As Coast Hills continued to grow, the day finally came when we took a bold step of faith to purchase and renovate an old theater building, which is where we meet today. 

While Coast Hills has grown and changed a lot over the years, many of our original values continue to guide our church today. We believe that at its core the church is not a building or an organization, the church is a people and loving people with the love of God is our focus. Our goal at Coast Hills is to help people discover an incredible relationship with God, and their identity in Him, to not only find out how you can contribute and serve those within the church, but also the community and into the world. A relationship that impacts every area of life, a relationship worth sharing, bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth to bring hope into every life and every situation that you face. Faith is the evidence of things not seen (Heb. 11:1). Our "evidence" for things being true is not our circumstances, but God's promises. We do not deny negative facts in our lives, but we choose to focus on a higher reality: God's truth found in His promises in the Word of God. We invite you into this discovery with us as a community of followers of Jesus Christ as we discover to know God and experience His love for each one of us.